The Citizens Movement denies that Palazuelos is its candidate for governor of QRoo

The Citizens Movement denies that Palazuelos is its candidate for governor of QRoo

The actor and businessman previously spread on social networks that he will run for governor and even talked about organizing a campaign close to the people.

Coahuila, Sept. 6 (Vanguardia/Cinimbargo). – party Citizen Movement (MC) He refused to be an actor Roberto Palazuelos Be your candidate for Quintana Rogue government, as referred to in the past days by the so-called Black Diamond.

This party specified in a statement that it had no contact with the representative and owner of a hotel in Riviera Maya.

But he made it clear that the party is a movement open to the participation of all people, organizations and social movements.

“The candidate selection process in Quintana Roo has not yet begun. Article 43 of our status states that invitations to participate in the candidate selection processes will be published in the Citizen Gazette, a device for disseminating the citizen movement, and will be published in the media prior to the date of registration. Nominations Officer before Electoral Bodies Competent, according to the principle of maximum publicity: whose publication date has not yet been set,” explained the leadership of Movimiento Ciudadano.

On September 4, Palazuelos announced that he could be the MC’s candidate for Governor of Quintana Roo.

In an interview for “De Primera Mano” by TV picturePalazuelos asserted that he is one step closer to running because various political parties sought him after he commented that he wanted to enter politics.

“It took me a while to be assertive; there are parties interested in me for a long time, but I have already picked one (…). I announced that I had breakfast with them on Wednesday and they indicated me as a favorite in the internal polls, so I am sure I will be The new governor of Quintana Roo.

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