Monterrey is the best city to live in Mexico, according to The Economist

Monterrey is the best city to live in Mexico, according to The Economist

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Monterey. – Monterrey has been placed over Mexico Cityas one of the best cities to live in Latin America and the best in the entire country.

According to a study by The Economist, over the past two years, the Covid situation has changed the order of cities, for better in some cities, and for worse in others.

And while there is no city in Mexico in the list of the top 10 cities in the world, there are two of the best cities to live in Latin America. In this ranking, Monterrey is 11th, with a score above 60, while Mexico City is 14th, with a score below 60.

Within this list, Buenos Aires, Argentina took first place; later San Juan, Puerto Rico; Santiago de Chile; Montevideo in Uruguay; San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica; Lima in Peru, Panama City, in Panama.

Brazil has Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, while Paraguay’s Asuncion closes in the top ten among the best cities; the right of Eleventh place is Monterrey.

Under the Sultana del Norte is the capital of Ecuador, Quito. Also Bogotá in Colombia and then Mexico City.

However, those in the top ten worldwide are in continents such as Europe, Asia and only some cities in North America.

The best city to live around the world is Vienna in Austria, the second is Copenhagen in Denmark, the third is Zurich in Switzerland, and the fourth and fifth is occupied by Canada with Calgary and Vancouver.

Switzerland appears again in the ranking with Geneva; Germany with Frankfurt, Canada opens another space with Toronto, then Amsterdam from Holland; It is followed by Osaka in Japan and finally Melbourne in Australia.

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