More children are trying to reach the United States without papers; They do this without their parents


Voice Lucy He collapses when he remembers the moment he shot Christian, it’s a grandson 16 years old. He says standing under a Tree Filled with peaches, a pond gave him and her thin arms hugged him tightly around his waist.

It was Tuesday in January. On that day, the boy began his journey Without documents a EE.UU.

The afternoon ended at TOURAPALTIt is a rural city in the canton of Azuayo Cordelig. The Grandma Remember that at that moment, the teenager got into the waiting truck and vanished across tight Soil Road.

This newspaper has arrived in that city. There, people know that in these months minors travel more and more and that they do so infrequently.

They show modern homes and say everyone is gone. Marie, a A local craftsman, listing those who are no longer there. From the Ruiz Sanchez family And Shacon Parents immigrated with their children between the ages of 9, 11 and 5. “They all came because I saw the pictures in The social networking site Facebook“.

The Narrow authorities forThey are sure they are aware of what is happening. In cities Canar and Morona The same thing happens. Since everything is confidential, there are no numbers on how many remain. in a TOURAPALT, The Families Look empty. Almost no one walks on the streets.

Only a few children remained in Turapalte-Azuay. Photo: Lineida Castillo / EL COMERCIO

The Chancellery He says that in prof Year They have seen more cases of Ecuadorian children traveling to the United States. One of the air routes they take they pass by Mexico.

They do it with their parents, but when surprised by the police Immigration The give up, Because this allows minors to be considered unaccompanied travelers.

Thus they have a special treatment. They are not going to Prisons, But they are taken to The hostels And they stay there EE.UU.

This is the new way for the young to reach that nation. Residents know this strategy And they say the chief EE.UU. He also assured that it would facilitate entry. But he indicated that they are staying in their country Villages.

from TOURAPALT In addition to this, three brothers from the Rinso family have left. One of them emigrated with his wife and a 3-year-old girl.
Neighbors know the minor was separated for crossing the border and arriving in the United States within a month.

The parents got arrested and four months later – last February – they got a Warranty And they were able to join Girl He was already with Relatives.

Foreign Relations warns that in the past three months, there have been 10 minors Azway, Canar and Morona They were reunited with their families in the United States. They were discovered while crossing Frontera They were unaccompanied and taken to shelters, where they were treated.

Three weeks ago, teenager, from 15 years, from Morona Santiago, he was handed over to uncles already residing in that nation. His parents are in Ecuador.

The people of TOURAPALT He believes that the economic and health crises have accelerated this phenomenon. In this silent place, everyone knows that in these months young people and children also left families Chacon, Jayas, Yeunga And Naranjo.

Another that immigrant A young man named Ruiz was on his way. MaribelOn the other hand, the 22-year-old was deported a month ago.

Children Pueblo They feel absent. Two of them said: “Since the emergence of the Coronavirus (in March 2020), five of our classmates with whom we went to school and played football have left.” Youngsters That lies at the bottom of your house.

These stories, like a story ChristianIt’s common to hear it. One day they disappear and after a few weeks or months they upload the pictures to a file The social networking site Facebook And they say they do exist EE.UU.

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