Morena ignores the DST debate and Noronha’s claims

Morena ignores the DST debate and Noronha’s claims

Although the discussion about remove daylight saving time It was planned today in the House of Representatives, Political Coordination Council I decided to leave the topic at the last minute.

This aroused the anger and the claim of the Labor Party deputy, Gerardo Fernandez Noronhawho blamed Morena’s parliamentary group for the decision and asserted that it was a mistake.

“I want to express frankly my annoyance, my fraternal request to my colleagues from Morena, for the decision not to set the agenda for today, and to discuss the issue of summer program. It’s a mistake, it’s a big mistake. The deputy said: It is a popular clamor to put an end to this schedule, which did not achieve any benefit.

Subject, according to his Fernandez Noronhauntil September, when the next regular session begins.

“It seems to me an offense,” he said. “It is not true that talking only about the agenda proposed by Morena and what the Green Party and the Labor Party are proposing is always postponed.”

Suggestion or offer

On March 17, Gerardo Fernandez Noronha Submit an initiative to eliminate daylight saving time in Mexico. The above goes with the argument that advancing the clock by one hour each first Sunday in April generates “sleep disturbances, by affecting heart rate and increasing feelings of tiredness, irritability or mood swings.”

According to the deputy, there are scientific, health and other reasons to spare; It is time to stop attacking the population in general to benefit a few,” said the Labor lawmaker.

He said that despite popular, scholarly and legislative voices expressed in this regard, as well as more than 40 initiatives on the subject during past legislatures, “So far, the economic interests of a few have prevailed, although there are more and more adverse effects of such measure”.

Meanwhile, on March 27, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He said he would wait for a technical opinion on whether there was actually energy savings to confirm the summer, which began in 1996.

“I will see in these days the result of the study that was done on whether there are savings and if they are large, we will act accordingly, according to what the technicians and specialists tell us,” The chief said.

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