“Moving towards a future of peace and justice”

“Moving towards a future of peace and justice”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Ivan Gil sent a message via social media from Kampala, Uganda, amid developments in the situation in the country. The Nineteenth Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (Manual).

The most prominent generation of his account in sWhich included 120 countries in the meeting, Venezuela isA core member of this organization“. Next Friday, January 19th Summit of Heads of State and Government.

“It is extremely important that the Non-Aligned Movement be revitalized. Strictly, This is what we do hereAnd against unilateral coercive measures, as this movement previously announced.”Jill said.

Foreign Minister Yvan Gille from the Non-Aligned Movement Summit explained this in “In the middle of an imperial crisis” And the fascist uprisings that he sponsored“Western powers”It is necessary for the dialogue of the Non-Aligned Movement countries to be based on this basis Moving towards a future of peace and justice.

On the other hand, Gil confirmed that the Venezuelan delegation He will fulfill an intense agenda in Kampala, Uganda. They will later travel to Havana, Cuba to participate “At the G77 + China Summit”said the diplomat.

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