Museveni was declared the winner in Uganda. The army blocks the house of the opposition candidate


Kampala, Uganda The Ugandan Electoral Commission declared the victory of President Yuri Misuvini in the 2021 general election on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Ugandan army and police cordoned off the home of opposition leader and presidential candidate Robert Kigulini, known as Bobby Wayne.

Opposition leaders declared that they would not contest the by-elections, saying the results were wrong. More than 30 election observers were arrested on election day

More than 10 military and police trucks passed by the journalists, who camped a short distance from the Cajolini Santamo wine house. Other soldiers patrolled nearby.

The authorities cordoned off the liquor store and prevented people from entering and leaving, including journalists.

Attorney Francis Zach, an alcoholic who was arrested and tortured by the security forces, was only allowed access to be arrested at a checkpoint. Then they took him out of his car and beat him before he threw them into a police truck.

The reporters kept a distance, and when the police car drove past, Zach managed to get in, screaming.

Joyce Bajala, the newly-elected lawmaker on the National Unity Program, told reporters what she had seen.

“I found out behind them where to take him, because … he was screaming and you could really hear the screaming,” said Bajala. “So I went to Kasangti Police Station behind them. They left her there. They took him out of the car, but I think he was beaten badly.”

Supporters of the Ugandan National Resistance Movement celebrate the victory of President Yoweri Museveni in the general elections on January 16, 2021 in Kampala, Uganda.

On Saturday, the chairperson of the High Electoral Commission, Simon Baibakama, announced shortly after 4 p.m. local time that Meseveni had won the election, completing his sixth five-year term in office.

Candidate Yuri Musini Tipo Behrova Kagota, who received the most votes in the elections and more than 50 percent of the legitimate votes cast in the elections, the Electoral Commission announced that Yury Musseni Tipo Behrova Kagota, President of the Republic, was elected. “From Uganda,” said Bai Bakama.

Authorities said Museveni got 58.64 percent of the vote to 34.83 percent of the vote on Thursday.

Baibakama called on Ugandans to remain calm, especially in support of the losers.

After the announcement, terrible silence reigned, empty streets and a strong security presence. Voter Denis Kombogo said he does not trust the results published by the electoral commission.

He said he prefers to vote from office to confirm whether the person he voted for won or lost. But he did not say that he would listen to the radio, adding that the authorities had deployed their forces.

You’re not alone. Calipla John Bosco said it was time for the government to abandon the elections.

Bosco said that Misuveni should only ban elections if he feels he still wants to become president, as the current practice is disappointing for Uganda. “The government does not count the people’s voices and does what it wants,” he said.

Attempts by the ruling party to comment have failed, and party officials have not responded to phone calls from the media.

Officials at the US Embassy in Uganda refused to monitor the elections after rejecting more than 75 percent of approval requests.

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