Mutual support! Zendaya went to the cinema to see the new Tom Holland movie

Mutual support!  Zendaya went to the cinema to see the new Tom Holland movie

United State-. Zendaya Revolutionized social media by showing support for Tom Holland on social networks. Although the couple doesn’t talk much about their relationship, the star went to the cinema to see the hit new movie starring her boyfriend, Unknownand share them in their stories about Instagram. The actress posted a photo of the entrance and wrote, “Woop woop.”

Unknown It is based on the video game franchise of Play Station One of the best sellers of the same name. movie stars Dutch And the Mark Wahlberg as adventurer Nathan Drake and his partner/mentor, Victor “Sully” Sullivan, respectively. In pursuit of fortune, the two face off against an evil treasure hunter who plays him Antonio Bandras.

The movie is also a star Tati Gabrielwho is a friend Zendaya For a long time. “I grew up with Zendaya! We went to school together,” the actress said. joy. “Tom was texting her while we were filming and then she texted me, and it was like, ‘Hey, you say you’re doing a pretty cool job! The young woman remembers, adding that Dutch It is “so ridiculous and so funny”.

Zendaya and Holland are always there for each other

In the appearance of the day Late Night with Seth MeyersAnd the Dutch He revealed it while introducing it to him Zendaya movie, she feared that her stunts would be too intense. “I was actually on the set of the movie Spider-Man to give Zendaya a scene-by-scene introduction to the movie and I said, ‘Oh, there’s a big part where a car hits me from a plane. And she says, ‘I have to stop you there. What the hell is this movie?’

Story of the Instagram From Zendaya It is one of a series of posts in which both stars show their support for each other. Recently, Dutch She proudly claimed her “1st” spot in the captions to the photo posted of the Euphoria star of her look in the 53rd annual issue of NAACP Photo Awards Saturday, February 26 at night.

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