‘Space Force’ Still Not Playing on Netflix

‘Space Force’ Still Not Playing on Netflix

The first season of space force On Netflix It was an absolute disappointment. This is a comedy about the space branch of the United States Armed Forces Greg Daniels – What brings us? Parks and recreational resorts Or the North American version of Office. headquarters. center Failed to take off from Earth or its characters, plots, or humor. In this second season, some pieces that didn’t fit before were starting to do that, because he was seeing which dynamics between the characters work best. Now, the most important piece of comedy is still smashing: the series doesn’t make you laugh and therefore it’s impossible not to break down.

bad premise

What a chain He laughs or not It’s a very personal thing. But reading reviews and listening to opinions the general consensus seems clear: space force He has a sense of humor that doesn’t connect with most viewers and the problem comes from the bottom line. The assumption about this spatial divide, in the case of Season 2, has four months to prove it’s worth keeping open, is not a good comedic premise.

Steve Carell stars in the Netflix series, which just launched its second season. / Netflix

Because it is very difficult to sympathize with a group of incompetent people silly missions in the space. And it’s not because of their incompetence – most of the time Comedy series Hmm – but because it’s very different to be in a paper company or in a section of parks and gardens in a city council than in a sector where you spend millions upon millions of euros needlessly. In principle, this is where it is crucial space forceciting non-essential government spending, but this second season also put a bit of a curb on attacks in that direction because with the end of Trump was They no longer have such a clear purpose to those who shoot these arrows.

Small steps forward

to leave of political satireHowever, it left room for the best part of this remake: the humanization of its characters. If the first season didn’t work out, it’s largely because its heroes didn’t. None of them were very complex or had interesting nuances, and an attempt was made to polish this off in a second, making them accessible to the viewer.

Make no mistake, it wasn’t a huge leap forward either. The general Nerdthe doctor Adrian Mallory or Tony Scarabeducci They’re still not particularly funny or cool, and they explain it Steve Carrell, John Malkovich And the Ben Schwartz. And with the funny performances these actors gave us, we won’t blame them here, but some scripts you didn’t know how to tap into.

Another step taken by the chain is in Along the same linesAvoiding the eternal sequences that were in some chapters of the first season. In this sense, it has managed to reduce it to just seven episodes, which, when finished, will very likely be the last episode of the series. It better be that way. because if space force It hasn’t taken off yet, it’s unlikely to ever do so. It will work fine Greg Daniels Focusing on his other project, Downloadwhich returns March 11 on Amazon Prime for the second season.

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