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In the midst of the controversial strike announced by Ferrocarriles del Paraguay SA (Fepasa) workers due to the current mismanagement, comes a proposal that has been talked about for some time, converting the train routes into a bike path, which could be an interesting regional tourist attraction, as well as Heritage protection.

“Old train tracks and stations can be converted into the longest bike path in South America. It will be a tourist attraction in Paraguay, protecting this valuable heritage and creating opportunities for entrepreneurship,” Bruno DeVillepe, president of the Paraguayan Entrepreneur Association (Asepy), said on his Twitter account. “.

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The project includes a linear park along the old train tracks, which will pass through 37 stations until you reach Encarnacion. Image courtesy.

When asked about the approach, he mentioned that the idea had been promoted by Jeronimo Bowman (Giro), a well-known audiovisual developer who had cycled kilometers and dreamed of the longest bike path in South America. Giroud is Asepy’s partner, and from the federation they support him, because they see and understand the potential for development not only for tourism, but also for economic development along the routes, said Devilleby.

That is why they propose to take advantage of the entire historical section to assemble the longest bicycle path in South America, which will be a linear promenade along the old train tracks and which will pass through 37 stations until reaching Encarnacion, which, he added, will become a source of employment due to the tourist factor, and that along with this activity This valuable heritage of the country can be preserved.

What started as a dream, that Paraguay has the longest bike path, has grown the project into Sundas, a reality in which they are working to build a linear park that will be for everyone, according to the project website at

In this way, you are supposed to have the longest cycle path that passes through the cities along 370 km from Asuncion to Encarnacion, as well as a reassessment of natural and historical resources. “It will undoubtedly be an ideal tool to promote in our society a new way of doing tourism, recreation, outdoor sports and non-motorized mobility,” the site notes.

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The project is planned with a secure infrastructure, and they already have funds to develop a pilot model from Paraguar to Bearich, where there is only an agreement with Fepasa, according to Defelippe, and once it is completed, the quality of life of the residents can be, as well as offering new economic offers to 39 A city in 5 provinces in Paraguay.

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