The government has $550 million for the vaccination plan, as a focus of productive reactivation


In the short term, the government seeks to secure financing for the purchase covid-19 vaccines. At the moment we already have 550 million US dollars To this end, the Minister of Economy and Finance said: Simon how, on June 8, 2021, in a discussion with the media.

Cueva stressed that it is important to continue to Comprehensive vaccination plan To ensure fruitful reactivation.

In this sense, he indicated that economic plan From the current government on the basis of three axessustainable and environmentally responsible economic growth; financial stability with equity; fair and transparent management of public resources.

In the coming months Economy portfolio priority will be given to the implementation of the government’s economic plan, which will be agreed upon; And will strive to achieve Agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) To review goals with priorities set by the government.

Cueva mission announcements include implementation credit plans for women; micro, small and medium enterprises; Entrepreneurs, popular and solidarity economy. For this purpose, more than 350 million US dollars available from international organizations will be allocated to be channeled through the National Finance Corporation (CFNand the National Foundation for Popular and Solidarity FinanceKonavips).

Another important point of the current administration is the foreign investment incentive and Strengthening business relations With countries like the United States and Mexico.

Cueva explained that in order to control spending, corruption and waste will be fought, and that attention will be prioritized sensitive sectors Such as health, education, security, social protection, nutrition for children and the elderly. He added that a fiscal austerity With the vision of the administration to achieve results and the effective use of public resources to achieve the most vulnerable groups and with the basic tasks of the state.

To avoid and avoid tax evasion, she indicated that there is an agreement with United State To share financial information, a Senior Taxpayer Monitoring Unit was established in the Internal Revenue Service (SRI).

The Minister stressed this since the inauguration of the President of the Republic Guillermo LasoThere are positive signs for the country such as reducing the country’s risk, endorsing the support of multilateral organizations, and creating an environment of optimism and confidence for investment.

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Posted by Commerce On Tuesday 8 June 2021

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