US Senate Approves Joe Biden’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan


The US Senate has voted to approve the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, while Republicans and Democrats are pushing President Joe Biden’s top priority on renovating roads and bridges.

vote for 66-28 Lawmakers from both parties have hailed it as a sign that Washington is able to act despite strong partisan disagreements over a package that would boost the economy and restore vital transportation networks.

Voting was suspended for more than 45 minutes as lawmakers questioned how this would affect broadband Internet access, referring to the bill’s complexity and the politics surrounding it. Many lawmakers said it’s difficult Specify invoice details Because the text was still being written.

Senators were due to work over the weekend on the plan, which would dramatically increase the country’s spending on highways, bridges and airports. Its proponents predicted that it would eventually be passed in the Senate and the House of Representatives, and thus eventually He will come to Biden’s office to sign.

“We’re basically on the right track,” said Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who was part of a bipartisan group that drafted the bill with the White House during months of negotiations.

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