Netflix cancels The Kangaroo Club in 2022, but it wasn’t the only one

Netflix cancels The Kangaroo Club in 2022, but it wasn’t the only one

The platform canceled The Kangaroo Club after two seasons, but it’s not the only series that won’t continue on Netflix.

Although it is true that when a series gains the trust of Netflix, it allows it to continue almost indefinitely, and even saves a series that was not its own from cancellation, when the production does not show a great reception among its subscribers, The platform does not hesitate to take out the knife and end her television adventure.

This is what happened to the series The Kangaroo Club, which will end after two seasons on Netflix in 2022, It has been canceled and will not continue to adapt author Ann M. Martin’s books for television. “I’ve wanted to be a part of the world that Anne M Martin created since I was seven, and for two amazing seasons I’ve had the opportunity to do so.”

“Although it pains me not to return to Stoneybrook for 20 seasons, I am so proud of the amazing show that our cast and crew managed to put together. And the way it brought so much happiness and comfort to everyone who needed it,” said Farewell to the series featured by Rachel Schkert, in a statement she posted. Entertainment Weekly.

However, this is not the only Netflix series that received the bad news of its cancellation in 2022, in fact, In the first three months of the year, there were already three series that ended their broadcast adventureg. The first of them was Gentefied, which on January 13 received final confirmation that it will not have a second season on Netflix.

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The second was in the kitchen with Paris Hilton That despite the fact that it was number one in countries like Australia or Canada, its lack of interest in the US and the bad reviews it received on platforms like IMDb or Metacritic made Netflix choose to cancel. The most recent of which was Another Life, which confirmed its cancellation in mid-February.

Despite the fact that this sci-fi series about an astronaut trying to keep her crew together while the ship in which they are traveling through space roams, it manages to get a second season,Low viewership and lukewarm reviews led to another pop up One of those that Netfix canceled in 2022.

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