They discovered an unknown disease that killed at least 20 people in Uganda

They discovered an unknown disease that killed at least 20 people in Uganda

Uganda provincial authorities kyutera (South) asked the central government to announce quarantine in two villages after At least 20 people died During the past three months due to an illness that has not yet been recognized.

The first deaths occurred in villages Kijongo A and Kijongo B, In Kasasa sub-prefecture, where cases have spread to the surrounding area, according to Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

Kiutera County Chief, Patrick Kento Kisikolo He said that at the moment “I am not sure whether the disease is contagious” and added that they are still waiting for the investigations launched by the Ministry of Health.

“However, People began migrating to neighboring areasthat interests us. We believe the best course of action should be to declare a quarantine while health experts finalize a report on what may be the cause of these unusual deaths.”

The deceased showed symptoms such as Vomiting, diarrhea, headache and bleeding. Casasa County Chief Denis Muyonga said some residents are talking about witchcraft, while others are referring to a caterpillar on coffee plantations.

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For her part, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said, Odirah Nansamba, He confirmed that the situation was still under investigation, before adding that the authorities had already sent experts to the area.

“Our concern is that residents visit the shrines thinking that they will be offered a cure healers He stressed before asking local leaders to “educate” the population to “contain the problem.”

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