Netflix for free: the change they are preparing to compete with the alternatives

Netflix for free: the change they are preparing to compete with the alternatives

Netflix will be betting on a new free subscription model. Broadcasting company will switch to A segment in strong growth: Free broadcast but with ads, model similar to the one you are using Aerial TV.

So far, Netflix confirm it “Basic plan with ads not available” in Argentina, although the platform is already running tests in other countries, such as Brazil and the United States. It should be noted, however, that Not free, but at a discount.

Although in the plans streaming platform includes Dive into free, ad-supported TV, otherwise known as FASTwhich has already been implemented by other competing services.


One of the alternatives that gives the most fight to Netflix, HBO, Disney + and other platforms are the so-called services Quickly (which stands for Free Ad Supported Television, for its English acronym). In essence, it is about TV platforms Free streaming But with ads. It also works in high definition and contains a lot of content.

An example of such a system xumo. The app works in the US, Spain, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil and Mexico will be added soon. The system offers more than 200 channels covering all elements and sectorsfrom movies, through documentaries and even series. The platform hosts all genres such as comedy, action or drama.

Regarding the arrival of the new service, according to Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of the company, it will not happen during 2023. From the company consider that “we have a lot of work ahead of us this year, Both with the distribution of payments and with the launch of advertisements and the continuation of the content panel that we are trying to present to our members“.

Although I would also add that it is “open to all models currently in existence” and “We do not lose sight of this segment,” which can bring many new subscribers to a system that has come in recent years every. Especially, Netflix I missed 970,000 subscribers in the second quarter of 2022, and in total there are already about 1,200 million accounts that unsubscribed in the first half of last year.

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