Gael García and Bad Bunny kiss each other passionately in the movie Cassandro | Mexico newscast

scene from A movie based on the life of wrestler Cassandro It’s Mexican Gael Garcia One of the stars in the movie accepts him reggaeton player Bad Bunny, which is also part of the bar.

In the first leaked images you can see Garcia Bernal and Benito In a passionate kiss, social networks quickly “exploded” and netizens began to leave their messages in various publications.

Some messages on social networks caused a great deal of controversy because they revealed the homophobia that exists among some people, who severely criticized the scene between the actor and the singer of urban music.

On the other hand, the seventh art experts praised the performance of the protagonist Y tu mamá también.

Cassandro was presented at the Sudanese Film Festival

Cassandro is directed by Oscar-winner Roger Ross William. It was first presented on January 20 at the Sudanese Film Festival, however, it still does not have a theatrical release date.

Who is Roger Ross William?

Roger Ross Williams He is an American Film Producer and Director. He is the first African-American director to win an Academy Award for his documentary, Music by Prudence (2010). He is also known for his work on documentaries such as God Loves Uganda (2013) and Life, Animated (2016), and as the director of the TV series The Apollo (2019).

Bad Bunny on the big screen

Besides his musical project, the Puerto Rican participated in the Netflix series, Narcos, in which he was present in some seasons, which was enough to attract the attention of Hollywood, and thus he was able to participate in the movie Bullet Train with Brad Pitt.

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