Pancho Saavedra: You won’t believe what I ate

Pancho Saavedra: You won’t believe what I ate

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Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta, in Bangkok, Thailand, recording the second season of “Socios por el Mundo”. During the recordings, the couple posted all their adventures on their social networks.

in this line, Pancho Saavedra He surprised his followers with a specific image, showing what he eats, although it is a special food in the place where it is located, for us it is something that we hardly consume.

They say that in life you have to try everything, even a frog.“Talking Places,” the animator wrote in the post. With this in mind, the celebrity took on the task of exploring not only the iconic places of Thailand, but also the delicious cuisine of the place.

Undoubtedly, the post sparked a flurry of comments, making a moment Saavedrafunny to many, “because you ate all the pasties here (chili)”, “the closest you’ve ever been to a frog”, “give it a go first”, “there’s a first time to everything”, were any of the comments.

The last messages you received Channel 13 face On the part of netizens was: “I remembered that guy who was talking about which species can be dangerous and said that frog is not dangerous”, “I have tried a lot of empanadas Frog is a line in the water“.

Let’s remember that a few days ago Saavedra He was interviewed on the program “Tu Día” in the conversation, and took the example of eating a roasted scorpion, emphasizing that it was like eating “french potatoes”.

This way fellow Jorge Zabaleta He was enjoying the recordings of the second season of “Socios por el Mundo”, the program that in its first edition attracted the attention of viewers because of the picturesque landscapes and chronicles of the artists.

Pancho Saavedra Besides his team was already in India, his second destination was Thailand where registrations are still going on and then they will leave for Uganda and Japan.

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