Netflix | If you know, the perfect romantic comedy to watch on Thursday, May 13th

Netflix |  If you know, the perfect romantic comedy to watch on Thursday, May 13th

This is a new Thursday for the recommendation of the day, this time for the romantic comic strip ??If you are aware of?? (The Half of It – USA – France / 2020), available on Netflix.

This movie is for him in the cast Lea Lewis, Daniel Demer, Alexis Lemire and Colin Chow. I run before Is not wooIt lasts 104 minutes and is only suitable for people over 12 years old. The movie was released in May 2020.

What was the movie about?

In middle school in SquamishIt is a small town United StateShy girl name Elle Chow (Leah Lewis) Who is tasked with executing the articles of his classmates, as he has a means of writing, which attracts the attention of a clumsy athlete whose name is Paul Monsky (Daniel Demer)Who asks for his help in the task of writing a love letter addressed to the women in his life Aster Flores (Alexis Lemire).

However, over time, Ellie also becomes in love with Aster, but this sees it as a distant dream and almost impossible to fulfill. Elle accepts the assignment, but with every letter she writes and receives, her love for Esther grows every day.

The film’s development is similar to that of many other romantic comedies, except that the progression of each scene reveals a new layer of depth to the written script.

It should be noted that the director of the film, Is not woo Deal with identity issues with ease LGBTQ, Religion, race, acceptance, grief, emigration, art, and family problems that, far from the complexity of the plot, define all of its characters.

??If you are aware of?? Little by little, he shows the forms that love takes, especially as he talks about “first love”, and does so through an exceptional text that affirms the power of the mind.


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