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Little is known in the comics world, particularly among others in the Marvel universe, a Mexican superhero or counter-hero could appear on screens on digital broadcasting platforms by next year.

According to projections, filming could begin early next year in Mexicali.

The plot revolves around Anura, the frog, whose story is set to take place in a border town in northern Mexico and is currently in pre-production in the capital of Baja California.

Renault Reese, producer of this movie, confirms that it’s about it Film and story fully developed in Mexico, They also sought to break the paradigm of “partner centrality” and American champions.

The frog Anura tells the story of a young man born on the border of Mexico, who eventually gains powers similar to those of a reptile, such as amputated limb growth, agility, stamina, and jumping, among others.

In developing the plot, he encounters street life, gang activity, and organized crime eventually after discovering and controlling his powers. Finally, the enemy of the plot is Xenobot, who is supposedly played by Carlo Mendes, brother of actress Eva Mendes.

Reese notes that the story is adapted from the original Marvel story, which places Anura as the captain of the surviving fleet of Galactus, the eater of the worlds who alerts the Fantastic Four of their arrival on Earth.

Originally created by Fred Van Lente and Corey Hampshire, this character debuted in September 2007 in issue 26 of the Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, according to

Although the film is in the acting stage, BAMP Media director and producer, Reese He is already coordinating exercises for actors From the work that will be involved in the film.

Reno Reese has participated as an actor, producer, and production assistant in American films such as The Dirty 30, The Last Dance, Restored Me, or Hard: Life of a Bondserv; It is also known as Paisawood fame.

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