Why is it difficult to choose a movie or series on Netflix?


Every time we sit in front of a slogan Netflix On screen and we have a huge audiovisual display, it’s hard for us to choose and – a lot of times – we end up giving up. What does science say about it?

Netflix. That great free fork that every day makes us plunge into an endless streak So what Marathon As if we were eating hamburger in a fast food restaurant.

However, Countless times, this symptom causes a person to become overwhelmed and ends up choosing something they’ve already seen or what the algorithm tells.

Fortunately, science has the answer to this question and it does Researchers from the California Institute of Technology (USA) published in Nature Magazine Conditions in which our brains flood multiple options without reaching a final decision.

The experiment conducted consisted of submitting Volunteers picked a souvenir between six, 12 and 24 options, while their brain activity was recorded With an MRI machine.

When those consulted had to choose between 12 and 24 options, the anterior and striated cingulate cortex regions, associated with cost-benefit analysis, were the most stimulating.

To clarify: A person believes that with multiple options, the decision is easier; However, the study reveals that contrary to popular belief, Our brain is stressed by a very varied and extensive display.

As usual, lScience has the answer, although we are faced with an abundant variety of foodstuffs or an extensive catalog of NetflixOur brain will behave in the same way: Overwhelmed and choosing one option would be more difficult.

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