A Ugandan asks the government for help: He has 13 wives, 176 children, and 90 grandchildren Globalism


It is common in many African countries that there are Muslim societies who believe in the Islamic religion on the basis of the Qur’an, because the believers see that their only god is God. Among their customs is polygamy, because it is illegal for a large number of men who belong to this society decided to have more than two wives at the same time.

It happened to 65-year-old Mustafa Magambo Mutoni. A Ugandan man made his story known a couple of years ago to local newspaper New Vision. He said he married 13 women and had 176 children, then 90 grandchildren, six of them en route. Although many of his older children went to university, he asked his country’s government to help provide for the rest of his children because they had to endure a lot of expenses.

Although the situation became known a few years ago, the man spread on social networks and in various international media outlets by asking the government to sponsor at least 30 of his children to enroll in secondary schools and higher education institutions.

Consider having more children

Without a doubt, Mustafa proved to be a hardworking man devoted to agriculture and trade from Kagadi, a city in eastern Uganda. He said he considers himself a strong man thanks to his lifestyle: he does not drink alcohol, he does not smoke, and he does not consume sugar.

By that time, Mustafa has reported that he wants to have more children with his ten other girlfriends. These women are in addition to his 13 wives, meaning that he had romantic relationships with 23 women.

Magambo has one of the largest families in the world with a broad generation. In 1968 he married at the age of 16. A year before the birth of her eldest son, who is now 49 years old, he had to provide for his younger children because 49 of them are young children. All this led him to consider setting up his own nursery.

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