Netflix is ​​preparing a “reality” based on the South Korean series

Netflix is ​​preparing a “reality” based on the South Korean series

Netflix Wants to benefit (more) from The popularity of his South Korean series squid game. It has already been confirmed that there will be a file the second season (Although the premiere will by no means be before the end of 2023) the platform has gone a step further. Also announced a file reality show on the basis of production; It will be called Squid Game: Challenge and will also provide a file chance to win A crushing economic prize: more than Four million euros.

Series frame. Photo: Netflix

(Spoiler alert).

Do not worry, your life is not in danger, as happens to the heroes of the series.

(You can read quietly again.)

Participation requirements are very simple: you must Be over 21 years old (sorry, young), have a valid passport for at least the first four weeks of 2023, and speak English. If you fulfill it,We invite you to register! Squid game officials are seeking To 456 participants, the same ones who aspired to the Millionaire award in the series.

Casting is divided into Three main geographic areas : one for United Stateone for Britain And what we understand could work for you: the one with rest of the world.

If you dare to take part in this “social experiment”, as the organization itself explains, after accepting the conditions you must do Submit a 1-minute video explaining why you want to participate and what you would do with the money if you win. Also, it must be attached Two passport photos: one type of passport and the other full body.

Courage and good luck!

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