It is one of the biggest sci-fi surprises of this century and you have just over 48 hours to watch it

It is one of the biggest sci-fi surprises of this century and you have just over 48 hours to watch it

There are times when very unexpected miracles come from the most unexpected places. In a place like South Africa, a folk singer who spent time in the United States could suddenly become a hit – which made for a great documentary. or you can go out One of the most shocking science fiction films of this century.

One that fired a director we’re still trying to understand. One The effects of space invasions from another perspective. One that looks like it will have a sequel soon. And you have just over 48 hours to watch it on Netflix. This is “Area 9” by Neil Blomkamp.

From foreigners to refugees

Because of “close encounters of the third kind” we expected it Contact with aliens was a transcendent experience that would give us a brutal change Or a revolutionary technology. or a massive attack. This is not the case in “Area 9”. The spaceship arrived, no less in Johannesburg, and the aliens disembarked, leaving them practically stranded.

The South African government is forced to do something with the aliens trapped in the country – not so much on this planet. So their solution is to keep them in a refugee camp and the authorities come every now and then to take a look. In these, a sad official (Sharlto Copley) goes for a check while some cameras record him and deal with him A strange device that can make a big change.

Putting aside the stunning visual touches, particularly in digital effects, for a South African film — produced by Peter Jackson and Sony also involved, well, Blomkamp movie He chooses an interesting modesty for his science fiction literature. The semi-amateur touch that the false documentary offers helps, but it manages to be in a nice area between an ambitious proposal and a small film that its audience wants to find.

“Zone 9”: an unprecedented success

What’s impressive is that it achieves all of these things. It’s a great show, but it also wins for the care it takes to develop the story. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to serving up the crap, but she makes you take it seriously. which is a file A story that wants to denounce a terrible political situation and spread it all over the world Another thing is that the message remains in the world.

What to Watch on Netflix: Aspiring sci-fi and top-notch action in this hit from a film director

This unprecedented success is so miraculous that it was almost obvious that Blomkamp wouldn’t be able to contend with it – although unfortunately we didn’t expect the latter to be much less than this. This partially questioned if what I achieved was really impressive, but it also kept it amber A gem of this kind. That is why it is best to take advantage of them while they are available.

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