Netflix | Luis Miguel: The real reason behind his departure from Sergio Bastiri | spoiler

Netflix |  Luis Miguel: The real reason behind his departure from Sergio Bastiri |  spoiler

After eight intense episodes, the second season of Louis MiguelThe series ended with its last premiere this Sunday on the live streaming service Netflix. “love story” This was the last chapter of tonight, which left us with more important moments in Sol de México’s life and some of the discoveries all fans have been waiting for. This is an explanation of what we saw about Sergio!

“Only when Mickey begins to feel safe does he have to make a big decision about Sergio. Meanwhile, love loses him again.”, Is the closing summary of the second batch. Much of the ending relates to what finally happened with his younger brother, and that’s what we’ll separate below into what happened in real life.

+ Why did Luis Miguel turn away from Sergio Bastiri?

Life of the Luismi Convulsive in imagination when Her grandmother tells the press that Marcela Bastery is missing There is no trace of it anywhere. That is the reason The news spreads and makes Sergio suffer attacks at school and harassment from reporters, Which led to a new debate about his tenure. The singer makes him pick and goes with Matilda Sanchez Rebeso.

After leaving with his grandmother, Mickey is left with his arms crossed And he makes another attempt to force her to stay with him. He succeeded when he told him that it was Matilda who spoke to the journalists and understood that he wanted to use her for music. However, They had already noticed what he suffered in Mexico due to the spread of Marcella’s modernity, and with Alex Bastery they made the decision to send him abroad to protect him..

It is clear that Sergio wants to stay with his brothers, but there is nothing to do: the decision is really firm. In real life, the youngest of the Gallego Basteri family spends their years in Boston, USA, under the auspices of Octavio FoncerradaKnown as El Doc in the American city Luizmi finished his studies and forced him to study law, but he takes it the wrong way and there is a breaking point in the relationship between the two brothers..

One of the versions says so Luis Miguel did not send him a penny more, so Sergio and El Duc returned to Mexico, where the then young man studied architecture and photography.. After years He decided to live in Spain, far from his brother and everything that could harm him in any way. The question now is whether we will see more of this in the already announced third season and whether they will confirm any of the theories surrounding them.

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