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Uncovering a story of self-improvement and human power, Disney introduces the life of Fiona Mutisi, a young woman from rural Uganda who changed her region’s history when she discovered her passion for chess.

John Carles, the film’s producer, tells how this plot developed, with Fiona Madina Nalwanga, the heroine of this new movie, Queen of Katwe, Which opens today in commercial theaters.

It is a story about humanity and hope. He sends a message to everyone and has a wonderful metaphor on chess and how to change lives, “he commented in an interview.

He added, “The film was shot in different parts of Africa and it was a great challenge to portray this story that was born in a very specific place, but when you develop it it is a very global topic.”

The producer said that after reading an article in a magazine they sought to honestly get close to Fiona’s true story ESPNThey filmed the step-by-step adventures of this young woman who, thanks to her former coach and missionary Robert Katinde, became the youngest chess champion in Uganda.

Five years ago, when I was on a research trip after reading the article ESPNI met Fiona and Robert, we became great friends and when we got ready to shoot, she made two visits to the site. “

Queen of Katwe It also features performances by Golden Globe nominated actor David Oilo and Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o. They were the main supporters of Naluwanga, who is just starting her role as an actress.

Phiona’s story begins when she communicates with Robert’s chess program, in a makeshift church in Katwe.

Two years later, Fiona became a heroine Carpentry Chess team and eventually became a national champion.

In 2012, during her second Olympiad, at the age of 16, she was a Candidate Teacher, the first step towards becoming a chess pioneer.

His mentor Robert Katind, who has been involved in most of the filming, talked about being in he sat This is a great experience.

“It was great to meet and communicate with such famous actors, especially people like Lupita and David. Today, in the wake of Queen of KatweThere has been a change in Uganda since 2010. ”


success story

Queen of Katwe It shows the real situations of the situation of the different population of Uganda.

The film opened today in commercial theaters, after having premiered worldwide.

Fiona Mutese is currently studying at university and Robert Catindy has a chess club that he founded and developed.

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