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Netflix surprised everyone on Sunday evening by announcing – after the broadcast of the final chapter of the second episode – that “Luis Miguel, the serial”“The Sun of Mexico,” will have its third and final season.

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“You’re leaving because I want you to go … But don’t worry, the sun will return for the third and last time.”The broadcast platform wrote on its social networks, Exciting for all the fans of the Mexican singer who are eagerly awaiting the final part of the production.

After the news came out, Diego Bonita, the actor who plays the Mexican singer in this bio, used his Instagram account to express himself Besides a picture of his character, he left a brief message for all of his followers.

“The sun will continue to shine in the third and final season.” And the The Mexican wrote in a post with about 300,000 likes and more than 5,500 comments from his fans who celebrated the news.

Also, through a video, Diego Bonita explained what this season means to his character. “What Luis Miguel is trying to do is start a family, and have a good relationship with his brothers, with his girlfriend, and his daughter.”, At the beginning in the clip.

“The character tries to make the right decisions, but with what he knows. He tries to reconcile so many things at once that he drops everything and It is a very strong ending because you see him alone, because of the decisions he made. “ is over.

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