Little did Mark Wahlberg and Antoine Fuqua know that their new movie would be premiering at Paramount +


When Paramount + introduced its first trailer for the No final Over the past week, everything seemed to be going for the premiere of a new Mark Wahlberg tape in this broadcast. However, new background information suggests the company wasn’t going to be very clear in its behind-the-scenes plans.

to me The Hollywood ReporterAnd Wahlberg, director Antoine Fuqua, and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura “They had no idea an advertisement was coming” regarding the premiere of No final They had only been contacted by Paramount chiefs the day before the studio announced the movie’s streaming premiere and even then they would have considered that this was just a “possibility.”

In that sense, Wahlberg, Fuqua, and di Bonaventura had just released that the tape they had developed for the cinema would debut on Paramount + streaming after the company announced its intentions publicly.

But despite the situation with No final New, this practice on the studios’ part is something that has multiplied since the pandemic forced a realignment of premiere strategies. Just remember all the controversy that arose when WarnerMedia stated that all Warner Bros titles will have simultaneous releases with HBO Max in the US this year.

In this sense, the repercussions of these dilemmas are not new, and in addition to costing studios due to compensatory agreements, they threaten to sever ties between creators, actors and companies.

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