One of the most watched movies starring Anthony Gonzalez


Anthony Gonzalez voiced Miguel in the English version of “Coco”. She is now 16 years old and making her way to Hollywood

In context: Adria Arjona will star in the remake of “Father of the Bride”.

The movie “Blue Miracle” was where Guatemalan actor Anthony Gonzalez It is number one on the list of most watched on Netflix in Guatemala.

Gonzalez, born in the US to Guatemalan parents, plays a young man who fights with his friends not to lose the place they live in, an orphanage that provides them with a real family.

Anthony Gonzalez in the plot. (Image: Official Blue Miracle)

Anthony He gave the voice to Miguel in the English version of “Coco”. She is now 16 years old and is making her way in Hollywood with even more vigor as in this project.

“Support is everything to me and I appreciate it infinitely, it is the greatest gift I can receive. It fills me with great happiness that everyone feels to see that they support this production.” Anthony voiced to Soy502.

(Image: Official)

(Image: Official)

This is a true story that happened during the disasters left by Hurricane Odile in 2014 in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico.

Casa Hogar is an orphanage on the verge of closure due to financial problems after the natural phenomenon. In order not to lose the building and get the money, the boys who lived on the spot with their caretaker Omar Vinegas participated in a famous hunting tournament thanks to the intervention of a businessman.

In the story, Omar (Jimmy Gonzalez) and his wife (Fernanda Origula) struggle to stay as tutors to teenagers Tweety (Steve Gutierrez), Wiki (Isaac Arellanes), Hollywood (Nathan Arenas) and Gecko (Guatemalan Anthony Gonzalez).

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