Netflix’s quick laugh, in true TikTok style, is coming to Smart TVs

Netflix’s quick laugh, in true TikTok style, is coming to Smart TVs

Netflix fast laughter, Released for smartphones in early 2021It will also be available for Smart TVs in some countries. This feature has been available since March of last year only for smartphones. Fast Laughs has been launched for smartphones in English-speaking countries, including the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

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Netflix’s Fast Laughs is a TikTok-style feature that plays clips of stand-up specials, as well as comedies and movies. The comic feed has a “LOL” button for responding to clips. ‘LOL’ appears, along with my menu and play buttons in the feed.

Like the previews shown on the Netflix homepage, clips are displayed vertically and played automatically. Clips range from 15 to 45 seconds on average but can vary. If someone catches your eye, you can add the special, series, or movie to your list or start watching right away.

In addition to the Fast Laughs app on smartphones, Netflix is ​​now testing it on TVs. According to Engadget, the Netflix comedy feed is “slowly” being released to users. The functionality does not make any changes to the user’s content settings. Although, it is not available for children’s profiles.

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Fast Laughs is a discovery tool for users who struggle to decide what to watch on the platform. This may help them decide on a show relatively quickly when the trailers aren’t enough or when they’re just looking for something new in the comedy area.

Unfortunately, Fast Laughs is not available in our country. We hope you arrive soon and we have the clips, and maybe we can discover the essence of the hidden comedy.

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