Nicaragua salutes the Republic of Uganda on its independence


Photo: The government commemorates the Republic of Uganda on the 59th anniversary of its independence

The government of reconciliation and national unity in the Republic Nicaragua salutes head Republic Uganda In memorial of 59th Anniversary of Independence.

full press release

Managua, October 8, 2021

your Excellency
General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Republic of Uganda

Dear brother,

On a special occasion Celebrating the fifty-ninth anniversary of independenceOn the ninth of next October, let us express on behalf of the people and government of the reconciliation and national unity of the Republic of Nicaragua, and on our own behalf, My sincere congratulations to you, your brave people and the government of the Republic of Uganda.

In celebration of this national holiday, which brings backAffirms the right of the Ugandan people to determine their own destiny to freedom, sovereignty and self-determination; We would like to renew our firm will to continue strengthening the historical bonds of brotherhood, solidarity and mutual cooperation that unite us.

from U.S Blessed and always free Nicaragua, welcome our fraternal arms. As well as the love and affection of all Nicaraguan families for the noble people of Uganda.

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