Requirements for traveling to the United States in November


All international tourists who wish to visit the United States must be vaccinated

From November, all tourists wishing to travel to the United States must verify that they are vaccinated against Covid-19.

The US government stated that the measure will also apply to Latin American countries as well as to Europe and the United Kingdom.

Travelers must have a full Covid vaccination schedule and submit a negative rapid test or PCR.

In the case of countries that request a negative coronavirus test to go home, they have to present it at the airport.

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While US citizens must also submit a negative Covid test upon return to the US.

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If they do not have a full vaccination regimen, they must show a rapid test or PCR before leaving or entering the country.

Also, all tourists will be issued a tracking order through the airlines, where they will ask for information such as name and phone number.

If there are two doses of vaccines against COVID-19Tourists will not need to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival at their destination.

However, the United States has not yet approved the use of the Sputnik vaccine, so visitors with this formulation will not be able to enter.

The only vaccines accepted by the United States are Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson along with AstraZeneca, as is the case with the European Union.

Most formulas against Covid-19 are already approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), only the Russian formula is pending.

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