Nuevo León and Navin have linked 1,750 SMEs with credit guarantees in 2020


Monterey, N.L. Minister of State for Economy and Labor, Roberto Rosilde Montellano, Mentioned that during the emergency to The COVID-19 pandemic Path is found with National Finance (Navin) to support small and medium enterprises (Small and medium-sized companiesHe was able to link 1,750 SMEs to 2,400 million pesos credit guarantees.

“Unfortunately, we lost the federal money that we had to support SMEs, and we found a way with Nafin by giving them guarantees so they could finance themselves. Last year, we were able to tie up and provide guarantees so that 1,750 SMEs got 2,400 million pesos.” , As he explained during a meeting with Nuevo León Council for Strategic Planning.

He explained the requests he had received Ministry of Economy and Labor During 2020, it exceeded 10.5 billion pesos. “There were 7.5 billion pesos that could not be linked, mainly because these SMEs did not meet the commercial banks’ requirements for credit analysis.”

He explained that there are cultural issues that hinder obtaining the loan, namely: For example, among the good number of small companies that were interviewed, there was one that only had financial data until 2008, because its workshop had grown into a factory and not established. Update its financial statements; A prerequisite for banks to grant financing.

He said that with the epidemic, the agency had to be very operational and understand the problems faced by every company and every industrial sector and solve them more quickly so that companies do not stop and can get out of this very complicated situation due to the epidemic, in addition to improving the conditions of small and medium-sized companies.

Plan B.

Rosilde Montellano explained that when planning the economic development of SMEs, in addition to producing high-quality materials to replace imports, it is important to use technology to reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

Director of the Council of Nuevo León, Anna Fernanda Hierro Barba The official asked whether, in addition to training, there is an alternative plan for small and medium-sized companies?

The Minister of State for Economy and Labor replied that Mexico’s economy is closely linked to that of the United States, “But if we see that the economy of Nuevo León is more connected, we export about 45,000 million dollars annually, and of those exports, which is half gross domestic product 80% go to the United States. “

And he considered that the recruitment plan of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, For $ 2.3 billion for infrastructure, among other measures, will be reflected in the country’s economy.

Therefore, it is imperative to promote the substitution of imports with quality, cost, appropriate service and the development of SMEs as suppliers, as noted by Rosilde Montellano.

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