“Nutrition, the medicine of tomorrow”

“Nutrition, the medicine of tomorrow”

as part of its activities Food Business School Organized by the University of Pan Americana Campus in Aguascalientes for the university community, the conference was held Nutrition as the medicine of tomorrow who submitted it Mr. Juan Ramón Arana NuñoNutrition director at Chivas Football Club.

Juan Ramón has been present in the management of Club Deportivo de Guadalajara for over twelve years, giving him the tools and sensitivity for teamwork with all the structure that professional football entails.

He believes that physical training only becomes useful for increasing the performance of athletes when knowledge is applied, making use of common sense and understanding the idiosyncrasies in this area of ​​football, which is the cornerstone of sporting results.

“Nutrition as Medicine of Tomorrow” Conference

Within the conference, more than talking about football or nutrition in sports, the focus was on health and what humans experience every day in choosing food and what is its impact on health.

“The doctor of the future will not treat the human body with medicines, but rather take care of diseases and prevent them with nutrition,” Thomas Ava Edison, American businessman and inventor, once said that he is the most prolific inventor in history, with more than 1,200 patents. Thus began the nutritionist’s lecture.

This vision is a starting point for nutrition as the medicine of the future.

Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular accidents, and certain cancers, among other non-communicable diseases, collectively account for 63 percent of annual deaths. It is estimated that by 2030, these diseases will be responsible for 52 million annual deaths worldwide. Deaths that can be avoided by making lifestyle changes.

These types of non-communicable diseases have different risk factors, such as an unhealthy diet, tobacco use, excess alcohol, lack of physical activity, and air pollution, among others.

Numerous studies show that regular physical activity is ideal for maintaining a healthy body weight. Not smoking, following the right dietary practices, has a critical impact on health.

Even from all of this knowledge, the term “lifestyle medicine” has been incorporated to help reduce the risks associated with lifestyle factors.

According to different organizations, there is LM, for its English abbreviation, Lifestyle medicinewhich stands for “disease prevention and treatment through nutritional, physical, psychological, social, environmental and pharmaceutical interventions”.

Despite the importance of this type of medicine, most medical schools in Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom do not have sufficient training in nutrition or a decently qualified and specialized staff.

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