Odino Faccia performed his musical message with a message of peace

Odino Faccia performed his musical message with a message of peace

06/03/2022 | Intention

Odino Faccia performed his musical message with a message of peace

Odino Faccia, Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize

On Saturday night, Mayor Fabian Cagliardi took part in the Concert for Peace hosted by local singer-songwriter Odino Vacchia, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, at the Victoria Cinema Theatre in Periso.
It must be remembered that the city was named the first Embassy of Peace in Argentina by the “Voice of Peace Network”, with the aim of raising awareness and understanding the value of coexistence, as a platform and a premise that we can build, from various actions for the common good.
The conference was attended by Mario Oporto, Undersecretary of the Department of International and Institutional Relations for the Province of Buenos Aires. Government Minister Aldana Jovanovic; Under Secretary for Community Relations, Juan Pablo Holópez; Minister of Culture, Maria Eva Bermia; Red Voice for Peace Vice President, Aileen Tomasini and International Director of Links and Projects for Red Voice for Peace, Cecilia Pozzo.
The head of foreign entities, Carlos Arias, was also present. Cultural Ambassadors Florence López Albarán Kochev and Irina Oslowski; Chargé d’Affairs at the Moroccan Embassy Iman Drif. Head of Mission of the Kingdom of Bunyoro Kitara in Argentina, Ezequiel Totti, and Consul General of Peru, Miguel Cordova, Cuba.
Once the ceremony is over, within the framework of the Elizabethan year, the city of Hoima, Bunyoro Kitara (Uganda) is twinned with the city of Beresu and for peace among peoples in honor of Blessed Charles of Austria. And the project to proclaim local singer-songwriter Odino Faccia a “distinguished citizen” was presented for his perseverance, humility and courage, who knew how to walk the path towards a conscious, supportive and inclusive society with values.
Regarding the ceremony and the events that were carried out, the mayor of the municipality, Fabian Cagliardi, expressed: “To carry out this concert for peace, in a difficult moment like the one we are living in. May Udino, son of ours, from this city, he sings for peace in All over the world fills our souls a little. Periso has always had the distinction of being a city of peace as it was inhabited by many immigrants, it was a city where many cultures managed to live and they all progressed together.”
For his part, the Undersecretary for International and Institutional Relations of the Province of Buenos Aires Mario Oporto noted the coexistence of the different cultures that make up the city: “First of all, I would like to thank Mayor Cagliardi for the connection, the fact is that Bereso has been described for many years as the regional capital of immigrants, and it is one One of the most important cities in the province of Buenos Aires in terms of multiple cultures coexisting peacefully in one space that transcends the global moment exists.”
Finally, Berissense singer-songwriter Odino Faccia emphasized: “Berisso has always had so much to offer not only to the city and its residents but to the world, everything that happened today was built through music, it generates so many emotions in me.”
Regarding the declaration of privileged citizenship, Faccia asserted: “I love Berisso, I will always take her to my place in the world, Berisso excites me so much, it is a city that I carry in my heart. The truth is that this was a magical night, I have nothing but words of thanks to the Mayor and his team The entirety of those who made it possible to hold this party.”

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