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this friday 14th day subordinate Tokyo Olympics, with Spain attempting to increase the twelve medals it has achieved so far, highlighting yesterday’s gold medals by Sandra Sanchez and Alberto Guinness. Mo Cater, the great hope of Spanish athletics, seeks to climb to the podium in the 5000m final, and the men’s water polo team faces Serbia in the semi-finals with the possibility of a medal.

Today’s highlights:

  • Karate. The first round of the kata at 03.00, the second round at 04.33 and the final at 12.50 with Damien Quintero.
  • kayaking C1-1.000 series at 03.08 with Caetano Garcia and Pablo Martinez. Quarter-finals at 04:35. K4-500 Series at 03.51, with Saúl Craviotto, Marcus Walz, Carlos Arévalo and Rodrigo Germade. Quarter-finals at 05.05.2020
  • Water polo. Men’s Championship semi-finals: Greece-Hungary (08.30) and Serbia-Spain (12.50).
  • Athletics. Starting at 09.30, the end of the 20 km sports rally with the participation of Laura García Caro, Raquel Gonzalez and Maria Perez. Starting at 2:00 p.m., the end of the 5,000m with Mo Cater. Starting at 2:50 pm, ending 1500 with Marta Perez.
  • Technical swimming. Starting at 11.00 first round with the women’s team.
  • football. Bronze Final Japan – Mexico (11.00).

Check here all files Calendar the games , Results and the medal table.

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