One goal from Mane deserves to move Senegal to the quarter-finals


First knockout round, the first match that you cannot fail. Uganda was not inferior to Senegal, but she gave a penalty and several times the black. Mane switches one of them, who runs a group that moves very littleBut he is leading the games forward and he is already in the African Cup quarter-finals.

The first minutes were hesitant, With constant interruptions, three yellow cards and zero chances. Almost unintentionally Mane offered to him After an impressive move from Senegal, the Liverpool striker received the ball from Niang Ou Shoot a superb low shot to the right post Onyango. With the goal on the scoreboard, Uganda has advanced its lines despite the presence of Caddo Completely disabled by Coulibaly, Thanks to Okiwi, they had two big opportunities to draw: the first being brilliantly turned down by Gomis and On top of a corner.

The second half did not bring anything new to the game and Senegal just kept its advantageWhile Uganda has also failed to convert its need for registration opportunities. But then, just like the first part, A penalty kick raised by Onyango, when I hit Sani’s legs, gave Senegal the opportunity to close the match. However, Mane, the great lions star, Maximum penalty failed againJust like he did in the group stage against Kenya. Nothing else has happened since then Except for the small occasion of delightful.

Senegal, which did not make a great match during the tournament, Enters the quarter-finals of the African Cup and imposes the names of his stars. Mane, who became the tournament’s top scorer, leads his team to the quarter-finals in which Benin will face, Who abruptly eliminated Morocco From Ziyash, Nasiri, Mrabit and Co.

the changes

Timothy Utensils (17 ‘, Hassan Wasswa), Allan Kyampad (56 ‘, Patrick Cadeau), Crepein Diatta (68 ‘, civitt), Alan Catriga (76 ‘, Khalid Aucho), Keita Baldi (80 ‘Ismail Sarr), Diane (84 ‘, Mbaye Niang)


Onyango (4 ‘, yellow) Emmanuel Okoye (7 ‘, yellow) Badou Ndiaye (10 ‘, yellow) Khalid Aucho (30 ‘, yellow) Coulibaly (69 ‘, yellow

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