Kanye West handles shoes for the President of Uganda


Kanye West s Kim kardashian They gave the Ugandan leader a pair of rapper slippers and introduced both “Ugandan” names during a meeting on Monday to promote tourism in East Africa.

Days after a frantic meeting with the President of the United States, Donald Trump, A. West Quieter, Yoweri hands Museveni a pair of white sneakers his company made, which he and the Kardashians signed.

The couple arrived in Uganda on Friday and are staying at a luxury hotel in a national park with stunning waterfalls and wildlife such as buffalo, antelope, lions, giraffes and wild boars. Museveni’s office said the president gifted the American stars with Ugandan names.

West, who last month said he wanted to be called only “Ye,” was called “Kanizigi,” a common name among the Banyankul, the ethnic group from which Museveni hails. Kardashian A statement from the presidential office said her name, “Kimigisha,” means “she is the one God blesses her.”

The statement said that West “expressed his happiness at his presence in Uganda,” which he described as his “second home,” adding that the artist promised to establish “a world-class tourism school in the country that will be a base for tourism not only.” In Uganda but also in East Africa. “

Museveni, 74, has been in office since 1986, and in January he signed a law abolishing the 75-year-old limit for presidential candidates, a decision his critics say seeks to perpetuate him in power.

The strongest opposition to the ruler is the pop star Robert Chiagolani, 36, known by his stage name Bobby wine, Which has become very popular among young Ugandans.

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