USA coach Jason Kris wants to turn the page quickly


There is no time to lament in America’s dressing room. After losing to Mexico, in the last game of Group A, manager Jason Chris asked to quickly turn the page To focus on the pre-Olympic CONCACAF semi-finals, where two tickets to be held in Tokyo will be at stake.

“Mexico is a very good team, we played very well, and we had our chances in the match, but we did not succeed in the last third. I am very satisfied with the efforts of the boys, and with the fight we put in. It’s difficult to lose the match, but as I said before this match: The most important match is That comes. “After losing 1-0 to Jalisco, the coach explained.

“So we need to quickly turn the page and prepare for it. That’s what it is and in the end we think about achieving the result in the next match. It’s a very difficult result to absorb tonight, but the goal is still ahead. “We will focus on that immediately,” the coach added.

And he confirms that confidence remains the same. “My message to the American masses is to never stop believing. This is the first negative result. It was a close match and in the end we know the next match is the one we have to win. So we believe in, and we ask the fans to believe, too. Jason Chris said, “Nothing has changed.”

He admitted that his already qualification for the semi-finals influenced Wednesday’s meeting. “It was difficult for the coaching staff, we made a lot of decisions thinking about the next match. We put together a group that we think is competitive from a financial point of view.” And I’m sure the guys felt the same, too. But at the same time, I think facing Mexico is enough for everyone to be focused, focused and excited to do their best. And I know they all did it this way, “he declared.

Finally, he refused to anticipate what would be one of the strongest teams in the United States at the Olympics, with all the young talent he had on the old continent. “Quite frankly, I don’t know how many players here will reach the Olympiad. I also don’t know how many players from Europe will participate in the Olympiad. If we qualify, we’ll do our best to have the best team possible. “We know that the European players will be available and many of these players will be in the group as well,” concluded Jason Chris.

The voice of the players

Defender Mauricio Pineda agreed to forget the defeat early to focus on finding the ticket. “It is difficult, one of our goals when we came to the tournament was to win the group. We wanted to win the match to be at the top of the group. But we are in the semi-finals so we must turn the page quickly because the match comes immediately and we have to be ready.” explained.

“We had good moments, we controlled part of the match and I think we couldn’t do enough damage in the final third. We hope to improve that for the next match. When the time is right, we will analyze it, but we know he will be a strong team in the tournament.” Whatever opponent in the semi-finals, we will be ready to face it, “ American defender concluded.

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