Only five countries are three times Germany

Only five countries are three times Germany

Spending time on the weekends and doing whatever you like is fun for anyone.

With the heat we’re in, instead of going golfing, which I’ve really loved doing for 40 years, or going to the pool, which I like the least, it lets me do one of the things that amuses me the most is looking at economics.

He has not yet searched for sources of economic data in United Statebecause I am interested in starting to analyze specific countries in that country, which are growing significantly from an economic point of view, and being able to compare these economies with European economies to assess what is happening in the first country in terms of GDP, but it is still a global economic power , and still significantly higher than China and the European Union.

I have met him Economic Analysis Bureau (BEA), which is the Spanish equivalent of INE or Eurostat of the European Commission and has core values ​​in its definition of integrity, quality and excellence in all the data it produces, and although it is an agency that relies on the Federal Government’s Ministry of Commerce maintains its independence in preparing the data.

With that, let’s take a look at a file Gross domestic product From the United States, through the eight regions designated by this agency and the 51 nations of the union and what the Regional Bureau of Overseas Activities calls, those that produce the armed forces stationed abroad.

The eight regions add up to 99.7% of GDP, leaving 0.3% for outdoor activities.

The region that contributes the most to the United States’ GDP is the so-called southeast, which produces 21.5% of the gross domestic product of the United States and consists of 12 states, including Florida. This state accounts for only 5.4% of the national GDP and is the fourth most important country with a GDP of 1.3 trillion (European) dollars. Within this region are also states such as Georgia, which contributes 3.0% of GDP, North Carolina, 2.9%, and Virginia, 2.6%. This region contributes $5.2 billion, equivalent to the total contribution of Germany and France.

The second region is known as specific gravity far west (Far West), which accounts for 20.2% of the GDP of the United States and the most important state is California. This region accounts for 14.6% of GDP and contributes $3.5 trillion. Only California is bigger than Germany. In addition, in this region is the state of Washington, the capital of which is Seattle, known for being the headquarters of Microsoft and Amazon, which generates 2.9% of the GDP. The Far West brings in $4.8 billion, which is the sum of Germany plus Italy or France plus Italy plus the Netherlands.

A third of the regions are called The Middle EastWhich accounts for 17.4% of the US GDP and its most important state is New York, which alone produces 8% of the GDP contributing $1.9 billion and is the second most important state in the country. Statistically speaking, it is larger than Italy and Portugal combined. Within this region are the states of Pennsylvania, which contributes 3.6% of the GDP, and New Jersey, which contributes another 2.9%.

This region, valued at $4.2 billion, is the largest economic power of France as well as Italy.

The fourth region in importance is the Great Lakes region, with 13.1% of GDP and with Illinois, as its capital Chicago. This state generates only 4.1% of the wealth, but it is greater than the Netherlands and Portugal combined. Also in this region are Ohio with 3.2% of wealth, and Michigan with 2.5%.

The great lakes They contribute $3.2 billion, the equivalent of the whole of Germany.

The fifth region is the so-called southwest and contributes 11.9% of the total Wealth The United States of America, with Texas as the most important state in this region. Texas contributes 8.8% of the GDP and is the third largest state after California and New York. Texas brings in $2.1 trillion and is as rich as Spain and the Netherlands. In this region too Arizona Which adds up to 1.8% of GDP. This region contributes $2.9 billion, which is equal to the sum of Italy’s GDP plus Spain.

The other three missing areas are the Plains, which accounts for 6.3% of GDP, which contributes $1.5 trillion, of which Minnesota is the most important state with 1.6% of GDP, and New England, which contributes 5.3% of GDP. By 1.3. trillion dollars has Massachusetts As a star country with a GDP of $0.7 billion it represents 2.8% of the US GDP. The last area is Rocky Mountain, with a GDP of 3.8% and contributing an absolute value of 0.9 billion and with Colorado as the largest state with 0.4 billion.

The last three regions – the plains, New Britain and Rocky Mountain – together they add up to $3.6 billion and are bigger than all of Germany.

So we see that the GDP of United State In 2021 it was $24 billion. It grew 1.6% in the first quarter of 2022, bringing it to an annual GDP of $24.4 trillion, allowing it to remain the largest country in the world, and its five major nations adding up to 9.9 billion between them. In billions of dollars. These five countries are three times the size of Germany.

It is clear that the United States is playing in another division and if we want to compete as well European Union We have to start developing a European growth strategy with a very clear agenda of what we want to be.

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