Ovaldi, the Texas police chief shot after the shooting

Ovaldi, the Texas police chief shot after the shooting

School District Police Commander Uvald (Texas, USA), Pedrorun outArredondowas placed in Administrative leave After criticism of the slow response to the shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers.

school district chief Hal Harrellannounced in a statement that Arredondo has been administratively laid off and that another agent will take over his duties.

He did not explain why he decided to step aside ArredondoHowever, he cited a lack of information about when the results of the ongoing investigation into the police response to the May 24 shooting at the elementary school in will appear rob in Uvald.

Harrell said in his statement to the press release.

Arredondo and other agents of the security forces in Texas They were heavily criticized for their response to the shooting.

This announcement comes a day after a director Texas Department of Public SafetyAnd the Steve McCroTestifying before a Texas Senate committee, he says Arredondo made “terrible decisions” during the massacre.

According to Macrau, there were enough police officers to respond to the shooting just three minutes after the perpetrator, Salvador Ramos, entered the school through a door.

However, armed policemen waited in the corridor for 77 minutes while the attacker carried out the massacre in two of the chapters.

The US government He investigates the police response and it is not yet known why it took so long for the officers to confront the attacker.

The investigation is expected to provide more details about the communication between the various police forces.

Arredondo, who is the chief of the police force responsible for schools in UvaldRecently, he tried to defend himself in an interview with the newspaper Texas Tribunein which he claimed he was unaware that he was responsible for responding to the shooting and assumed that another police force had taken charge.

The Ovaldi shooting is the second deadliest school shooting in the past decade, after the 2012 school shooting in sanding hook in Newton (Connecticut), where 26 people lost their lives.

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