Pablo Alboran’s best moments with Jesus Kaleja in Uganda

Pablo Alboran’s adventure in Uganda began on the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world, where he met members of the Ndote Cultural Troupe, a self-made group reviving the musical traditions of their ancestors. & nbsp; The trip continued through Queen Elizabeth National Park, where Pablo and Jesus took a walking safari through the Kimbura Gorge where they experienced a moment of tension when colliding with an elephant a few meters away. They also sailed the Kazinga Channel, the place where the highest concentration of hippos in Africa is, and had the opportunity to see a family of lions at dawn. The most emotional moment and the greatest personal growth was their visit to Lake Katwi, where the surrounding inhabitants work to extract salt in dangerous conditions. To finish, the singer visited & nbsp; Kibale National Park, the best place in the world to observe chimpanzees freely. & nbsp; & nbsp;

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