Chivas had two draws in his US tour

Chivas had two draws in his US tour

The Chivas of Guadalajara Take advantage of the FIFA date break in MX . League For a mini tour of the United States they got two draws, first against UNAM Pumas and then against Lyon, in both matches with a score of 1-1.

Waiting for 5 years to see his team again was felt by thousands of fans chivas, who rallied in Chuccani Park in Fresno, California to witness the game against Pumas, which ended in a draw at 1 pm, last Wednesday night, in the first two games played by the Guadalajara team in the so-called Tor Flock USA. 2022.

The goalkeeper’s exhilarating scream erupted in the stands in the 21st minute, when Cello enabled Chicot from the right to confront the goalkeeper and score 1-0 with a cross. Chivas kept his pace and in the 32nd minute, the club’s official said no to the second goal after a slap from Julio Gonzalez in a header cut off from Cello. El Ribaño’s insistence continued, but the attempts of Paulo Yrizar at 36 and Zaldivar at 37 and 41 frightened the university’s first row.

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Unfortunately for Chiverío, the only option that cougars Born in the second half ended at the bottom of the net. At the 84th hour, Omar Islas fled to the right, entered the area and shot him to defeat Raul Wrangel. In the last play of the game, Chicot took a direct free kick, but even higher. Rebaño’s next meetup will be Saturday against Leon at PayPal Park in San Jose, California.

Once again, fans of the Bay Area have confirmed the great support and shelter that visit after visit provides to their fans. chivasthis time in the second commitment of the Herd Tour to current FIFA history that has halted proceedings in MX . LeagueWhich ended in a 1-1 draw with Lyon on Saturday night at Paypal Park.

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The Chivas of Guadalajara After 11 days in the 2022 Liga MX Grita México Clausura they are 10th in the overall table with 13 points after three wins, four draws and four losses, and the next day they will host Monterrey at the next Akron Stadium. Saturday 2 April.

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