Panama asks for help for a wave of immigrants to the US

Panama asks for help for a wave of immigrants to the US

Many Venezuelan and Haitian immigrants arriving in Panama come from second or third countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile or Brazil, where they have already tried to settle.

Panama’s government has requested “help” to manage the tens of thousands of immigrants in transit to the United States who arrive in the country each month, the vast majority of whom are Venezuelans.

He renewed his call on South America to actively participate in managing this “humanitarian crisis”.

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Panamanian Foreign Minister Janina Tewani said after the United States announced that “The new immigration policy“To the Venezuelans” in immediate coordination with the Costa Rican Foreign Minister and with the head of the United States Mission in Panama, Stuart Tuttle.”

This is “for the purpose of coordinating at technical levels on how assistance of some kind will be received, or to make a request for technical or logistical cooperation to manage this crisis.”

“On October 10, Panama received the highest historical figure for irregular migration through Darien,” Tawani said in a statement, without specifying a number.

But he stressed that “it is urgent that the countries of the region, especially the countries of the South, understand that the responsibility for coordinating this humanitarian crisis lies with everyone.”

Panama is the gateway to Central America From the south.

Between January and last September they arrived in the country after crossing Darren Gap, the dangerous jungle on the border with Colombia, 151,582 irregular immigrants, more than the historical figure of 133,726 immigrants in 2021, the vast majority (70%) of Venezuelans.

They are entire families, with children and even children, on the move.

Many Venezuelans and Haitians come from second or third countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile or Brazil, which they had already tried to prove their presence in.

Panama receives irregular travelers at immigration reception (ERM) stations located on the borders with Colombia and Costa Rica, where they take their biometric data and receive food and medical care.

This is a process that is unique on the continent and consumes millions of dollars annually.

At the moment, the majority of immigrants are of Venezuelan nationality, therefore Coordination with Colombia, Ecuador and other southern countries “It’s important,” said the Panamanian foreign minister.

As Tawani explained, “a strategy is being developed to propose initiatives at a technical meeting to be held in the next two weeks in Colombia, in coordination with Costa Rica and the United States, allowing joint initiatives to control irregular traffic.”

“The goal is to find a strategy so that this crisis does not directly affect our country,” the Panamanian foreign minister said.

He added that the Panamanian government “is interested in raising this situation at the multilateral level because it is the multilateral organizations that will help us with technical and logistical matters and any kind of funding required for humanitarian and decent work. The treatment of these migrants. (…) Either for their voluntary return or in case of They go to Mexico.”

The United States announced on Wednesday Program that gives legal status For two years for Venezuelans who arrive by plane and have a sponsor.

Initially, 24,000 Venezuelans will be accepted under this program, which excludes those who have been deported from the United States in the past five years. Those who entered Panama or Mexico irregularly or those who have permanent residence or citizenship of a country other than Venezuela.

The first deportation of Venezuelan immigrants, by the United States government, on Thursday surprised hundreds of citizens and immigrants of other nationalities who Stranded in the Mexican city of TapachulaChiapas, the southern border of Mexico and seeking access to the American Confederation.

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