“I only stayed for hours in the US”

“I only stayed for hours in the US”

Ciudad Juárez: For weeks, Leonardo traveled more than 4,992 kilometers from Venezuela to reach him Juarez city, Chihuahua and fulfill his dream of crossing the border and reuniting with his family in Orlando, Florida.

Although he managed to cross last October 10 to El Paso, Texas, He was deported Thursday under Title 42, under the agreement signed by the governments of Mexico and the United States on Wednesday, October 12, that states that Venezuelans who wish to immigrate to that country must enter by air with papers.

Yesterday the 50-year-old was out of the house state population center (Coespo) in Ciudad Juárez, where he was waiting for some humanitarian aid, because, like other Venezuelan migrants deported in the last hours, they had no money, clothes, food or a place to stay.

“I’m leaving Venezuela Because I’ve owned a business for over 20 years and I started getting blackmailed and decided to come here. I’m on my own, my family is in Bogotá and I come here (Juárez) eager to pass,” the man crosses who asserts that his only goal is to cross again.

To get to the border, he paid several trucks, spending about $1,600 on them until he arrived at the Chihuahua.

On October 10, Leonardo surrendered to the authorities border guards, And to say about him, he was not treated as he had been weeks before with other Venezuelans, because in his case for only two days they brought him from cell to cell, until October 12 he was treated and then deported on Thursday afternoon. , October 13.

“It only took me hours United State. I have some relatives who came with me and managed to cross, other women come with children and we don’t know anything about them,” she adds in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

For him, his goal is to be able to cross into the United States, be with his family and start a new life, which is why the new rulings of governments regarding his immigration status seem unfair.

“My goal is to be there, I have my relatives who will receive me, I said to the officers, but they never listen to me. We wait, see if we succeed in these voices echoing the American authorities there and they let us in because we entered before the law was passed, we fight And as a human being I don’t see it as logical to take that out nor just,” he states.

According to official data, between Thursday night and Friday morning, more than 500 Venezuelans.

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