Paraguay, the world’s largest producer and exporter of Chia – Economy

Paraguay, the world’s largest producer and exporter of Chia – Economy

Paraguay is the number one source of chia in the world, a fact confirmed by Mr. Gilberto Osorio, who is dedicated to the marketing of this item, which may enter the country in this latest campaign with more than 50 million dollars.

“For the past few years, Paraguay has been the number one source of chia in the world, followed by countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia, in that order. We also have information that India and Uganda, among others, are in the field but to a lesser degree. Achieving this position is Great responsibility, and today buyers trust our country to close deals because we are compliant, as there are many informal countries in their dealings,” this began with the explanation of Director Dulsan Organica.

farming area

Mentioning the area cultivated in this latest campaign, it is estimated that nearly 80,000 hectares have been reached with an average yield of 500-600 kilograms per hectare. The harvest started in June and the quality of the seeds was good, and we believe that in total they got about 40 thousand tons of product, of which about 20 thousand tons were exported until September. “

income for the country

Professional explained in relation to producers and income. “It is difficult to say how many producers are devoted to this sector, perhaps after this agricultural census we will have more accurate data. Regarding income, if everything can be sold, more than 50 million US dollars can enter the country, this means that only 2% of the total left in our country to be used as oil, flour, cake or natural sale.”

buy countries

“The United States still tops the list of countries that buy chia, followed by the European Union, which surprised us, Bolivia, which buys a lot because its harvest is bad and has obligations to fulfill, in addition, for us he helps us with all the logistics of shipping. In Asia , Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan are back, while China does not buy directly from us, but is already a major buyer, and most of the supplies are from Mexico. In total, Paraguay exports to more than 30 countries,” Osorio emphasized.

The product that has a ceiling

Regarding the potential for growth in the planting area, Gilberto Osorio said: “I think at the moment we are doing well, it is always important to grow, but the main thing is that growth goes hand in hand with trade agreements or at least expectations so as not to risk too much. Chia has a cap, and although it grows in consumers, this is unlike other items.”

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