Mudslide kills at least 15 people in heavy rains in Uganda

Mudslide kills at least 15 people in heavy rains in Uganda

at least fifteen people died In a remote area in the southwest Uganda for clay slice because of high rain That fell last night, reported this Wednesday by the Red Cross of the African nation.

Tragedy occurred in the town of casica In the Kasese district, where “15 bodies have been recovered from the landslide-affected community.”The foundation said on its Twitter account.

“Response teams continue to provide rescue services with local authorities and first responders in the community. Most of the dead are mothers and children.”Red Cross added.

Six people have been rescued He took them to the Kasese municipality’s St. Paul’s Hospital, although many local residents were missing.

Simon Pohaca, head of the Kasica local village council, said the bodies had been recovered from the Debris from collapsed houses After a heavy rain last night that lasted about six hours.

Local media quoted Pohaca as saying that most of the houses collapsed. At dawn when its passengers sleep.

The event occurred after confirmation two people die As a result of another landslide in the neighboring Bundibugyo district last Friday.

Kasese, an area close to the border with Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)It has witnessed floods in recent years, especially in the rainy month of May, which left dozens of dead, destroyed property and displaced thousands, according to local media.

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