Pet care remains a priority at El Marqués – Update México

Pet care remains a priority at El Marqués – Update México

During the Animal Care Day held at El Mirador, in El Marqués, three dogs were adopted and 150 veterinary services were provided, as well as Pedigree and Grupo Mars pet packages for participants.

The Marquis Municipal Government through its Municipal Animal Welfare Center (CAAM) provided 150 medical services, and Yisrael Hernández-Luna, the district’s president, highlighted the good acceptance it had by the public.

“We are so happy that people are opening this Animal Welfare Day, which we had in the El Mirador area. We have very positive numbers: 150 medical services between sterilizations and vaccinations, 36 people enrolled in the EDU-CAAM program, which we will run for four more sessions on Sundays, Fortunately our three dogs found a home.”

He explained that for all those interested in vaccinating and sterilizing their pets, the mobile operating room unit will remain in the dog park throughout the week for people to come to sterilize their pets.

He also said that for people who were unable to register for the EDU-CAAM programme, they will be able to go next week to register. He finally indicated that the adoption program would be offered in different subdivisions, as well as in centers and malls, so that the agent would give him a chance and more dogs would own a home.

It is worth noting that through the cooperation agreement between the CAAM Center with Pedigree and Grupo Mars, packages were made available for pets, which were handed over to the event participants.

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