Police and passengers rescue a man who fell on the subway tracks

Police and passengers rescue a man who fell on the subway tracks
A video of the man’s rescue went viral. Getty Images/Illustration.

man fell in Subway tracks On the city New York He was saved at the last moment by Police men and a passenger from the transport network. The moment was recorded in video which has gone viral.

The events took place last Thursday at the station 116th Street in East Harlemin the subway Manhattanwhere is the Train I was seconds away from arriving at the station.

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What happened to the man who fell on the subway tracks in New York?

The first reports indicate a man fell paths by mistake He suffered some non-life-threatening hand and back injuries.

After the fall, two policemen from a city New York One of the passengers ran to help the man, who they managed to uproot just before the train arrived.

Police reported that Officers Brunel Victor and Tovik Boeth listened to the Thread crywhich had fallen on the other end of the station where they were.

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for rescue The man, who was almost unconscious, had to do this to the officers and bystanders Run for seconds before the train arrives at the station. The facts were recorded by A body camera from one of the officers.

According to police reports, the difference between the man’s arrival at the platform and the arrival of the train was barely noticeable 10 seconds.

in tweetPolice Commissioner Kishant Sewell praised the police officers’ “heroism”: “Courage is second nature. Please join me in saluting these great police officers!”

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