Politics is not an exact science


The complicated matter, to put it mildly, is the first appearance of the Minister of the Interior, Olga Sanchez CorderoAs the federal government’s sole interlocutor with Congress. The coordinators of the various parliamentary blocs, including the coordinator of the Senate in Morena, warned that “there are no conditions” for the implementation of the extraordinary period for the abolition of the mandate, Ricardo Monreal. But in the palace they did not trust the Zacatecan.

They urged Doña Olga to intervene. Sanchez Cordero JIt was very easy for several days. He spoke on the phone with various Senate coordinators and yesterday morning still met privately with representatives and senators from Morena and his allies: PT, PVEM and PES. He thought he could do it.

According to his data, he obtained two additional votes from the opposition, so that, in the permanent session, they would reach the votes required by the qualified majority, to pass that third exceptional period called upon by the President of the Republic. And they go! Two hours later – at 1 pm – the session began Eduardo Ramirez ahead. Virtually without saying the water, Morena skipped the discussion and opened the vote to call the special period.

nominal vote. Each of the legislators states before their seat microphone the name, the party they belong to, and the meaning of their vote. Result: out of a total of 35 votes cast, 23 votes in favor (Morena, Verdi, PT) and 12 votes against (PAN, PRI, MC, PRD). brunettes amazed. They did not reach the eligible majority.. They lack one vote (Joel Padilla PT) to achieve thirds. Then the Mornos rebellion began! The shouts of the opposition are trying to silence them and make them respect the vote.

The head of the table was not satisfied with the decision. He began to give the floor to each other. Then we heard unusual things…Some accused Ramirez himself of “pazos” and “ridiculing agreements”. vice Maria del Carmen Almeida will claim Arturo Garrett (Full Senate Institution) To “manipulate democracy”, to provoke the lack of legislative debate. Maria de los angeles huerta Morena confirmed that there was a “brutal miscalculation”. Get your calculator out, he asked.

But the deputy Marco Antonio Medina He took his palm with his arguments: “Politics is not an exact science,” he began; Let us remember the legislative clock …, “Mathematics must also be at the service of politics”, “Let us defend politics and not exact sciences!” Morena screamed from Veracruz. Robin Caetano Then he made it a second: to set a new precedent, he suggested: “Let us explain for the benefit of the people of Mexico … dare, chief!”

On the side of PAN, PRI, MC and PRD, Marco Antonio Adams, Dulce Maria Surrey, Noe Castagnon, Zochitel Galvez, Manuel Anorf They, in turn, answered: “Mathematics and the legislative process fail them!” , “Mathematics is an exact science. They didn’t reach the majority, wait!”, “There is no qualified majority, that simple”, “Learn to lose!” From the Morena ward, Cesar Craviotto Then he pulled out his tusk.

He questioned the number and of the voice. and asked for a break. The holiday has come. But it didn’t take long for Ramirez to come back. His own pace, and his status as President of the Senate, was on the watch. He returned with the law in hand. I declare that we are bound by a qualified majority.

The special period was rejected. a) yes, Sanchez Cordero He accused his first defeat in this new mission of dialogue with the Congress that entrusted him Lopez Obrador. The numbers disappointed him. Although they remain optimistic about Segob: It’s just the beginning, they say.


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by Martha Anaya
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