Pope: We pray to the Holy Spirit for peace in the Holy Land

Pope: We pray to the Holy Spirit for peace in the Holy Land

The Holy Father asks all pastors and believers of the Catholic Church to join the prayer with the heads of the Catholic Churches in the Holy Land, to summon the Holy Spirit, “so that the Israelis and Palestinians find a path of dialogue and tolerance.” . The Eve of Pentecost will take place at St. Stephen’s Church in Jerusalem, at 4:00 pm in Rome.

Vatican City

Tomorrow afternoon, the Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land will celebrate with their faithful the Pentecost vigil in Saint Stephen’s Church in Jerusalem, asking for the gift of peace. I take this opportunity to ask all the pastors of the Catholic Church and the faithful to join them in prayer. ”This is the call made by Pope Francis To the entire church on Friday, May 21, when it is received in Interviewing the non-resident ambassadors accredited to the Holy See.

We invite the soul to dialogue and peace

The meeting with the diplomats provided an opportunity for the Holy Father to direct his thoughts on what is happening these days in the Holy Land. “I thank God for the decision to stop armed confrontations – the Supreme Pontiff said – and I hope that the paths of dialogue and peace will be followed.” In addition, Pope Francis hopes that invocation to the Holy Spirit will rise in every society “so that Israelis and Palestinians can find a path of dialogue and tolerance – as the latter indicated in his vocation.” Sunday after Regina Colley’s prayer rituals – Be patient, builders of peace and justice, and openness step by step to the common hope and coexistence of brothers.

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