Previous and data for the second group match in the Qatar World Cup 2022

Previous and data for the second group match in the Qatar World Cup 2022

Iran s United State They face each other this Tuesday at 4:00 PM (Argentina time) for the third day of Group B Qatar World Cup 2022. The match will be held at Al Thumama Stadium, and the Spanish referee will be Antonio Mateo Lahoz.

Iran vs. United States: surprises on the scoreboard

Both teams had few expected results at the time Qatar 2022. England came as favorites to win the duel against the United States, however, the North American team ended up surpassing the English in total shots (10 vs. 8), crosses sent into the box (16 vs. 14), and corner kicks (7). vs 3). In addition to hitting the ball on the post in the most dangerous play in a game that ends in a goalless draw.

Iran He was left with victory in his match against Wales, dominant in most of the match’s statistical variables: goals expected (1.47 xG vs. 0.89 xG), total shots (21 vs. 10), shots on target (6 vs. 3) and touches of the ball into the opposition area ( 26 vs. 20) and corner kicks (7 vs. 2). In addition, those two stoppage time goals breathed new life into the Iranians after a huge setback in their first match against England.

Iran vs. United States: AFC vs CONCACAF in Qatar 2022

AFC teams have been part of several upsets so far this year. Qatar 2022. Starting with Saudi Arabia’s 2-1 defeat against the Argentine national team, Japan’s victory over Germany with the same score, and Iran’s 2-0 victory over Wales. In all and before the start of the history of three World Cups in Qatar 2022, the Asian teams have achieved a record of four wins, one draw and seven losses (2D Qatar, 1V 1D Saudi Arabia, 1V 1D South Korea, 1V 1D Iran, 1V 1D Japan + 1V 1D Australia, affiliated with the Asian Football Confederation).

CONCACAF hasn’t had a huge turnout yet. Of their four representatives, they only added one tournament win with Costa Rica’s 1-0 (1V 1D) victory over Japan. Together they march with the sign 1V 3E 4D (2D Canada, 2E United States, 1E 1D Mexico).

Problems when it comes to scoring are transversal for all teams in this federation: Mexico did not score, and the other three teams barely scored once each, giving a total of just three goals in eight matches combined.

Iran vs. The United States: to change modern history

The United State And they will face their third match in the World Cup against an Asian rival, who has an unfavorable record at the present time: defeat against Iran itself with a score of 1-2 in the group stage of the 1998 edition and a draw (1-1) against South Korea. in the 2002 World Cup.

Iran, although its history favored it against the United States in the World Cup, the last time it collided with a CONCACAF team, the result was negative: its defeat by Mexico (1-3) in Germany 2006, as well as in the group stage.

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